My eyelids are heavy,
but my thoughts are heavier.

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ZIAD NAKAD Fall/Winter 2014 

Kyle Matthew Jacobs

Let me first start off by saying fuck you.

Now Im not really sure where to start next.

Kyle, You have turned into one cocky ignorant son of a bitch. You of all people. When I first met you, everyone I was surrounded by including the love of my life, Sean, and the entire AHS football team warned me how big of a fucking loser you were. Yet I decided to invite you to meet up with us. The first time I met you was at my high school’s talent show. With Ali, Keegan, Sean Josh and I. I invited you and your then girlfriend, Kate. My first impression was holy shit this guy needs a breathmint. Yet I decided to continually give you chances. I kept inviting you places much to Sean and Josh’s dismay. The first time we hungout once Sean and I broke up was at the park on Kanan and Westlake, where you met me with your sister and her friend. We discovered Roger, our pet ladybug (which I lost in your car and you found dead like three months later). You drove your obnoxiously loud jeep and listened to songs like “Gonnorhea” by Lil Wayne. I decided to give our friendship a shot. Over the last four years you became family. I called your mom and dad MY mom and dad, and your sister MY sister. We used to make a habit of laying on your couch watching the nanny and George Lopez. We were content with doing nothing. Then I introduced you to Madi, and then Ali, and it went all downhill from there. You started getting ladies, which grew your self esteem, but it didn’t stop there. You became so obsessed with girls and being popular because you dated a whale and were unpopular in high school. Now look at you. All you care about is hanging out with the cool kids, making sure you have a “cool” fast car, and more. You grew attached to my ex, Jonathan. But now.. You and Tim have become best friends. After EVERYTHING that kid has put me through. The straw that broke the camels back was that you knew Tim was cheating on me with his ex and not only did you not tell me willingly, you lied to my face when I asked about it. Our friendship has not been the same since. Kyle you have been through me through my ups, and downs. You were there when I was suicidal, when I overdosed, when my dad did what he did and more. And now you have the nerve to tweet that “You’re a worthless piece of shit, but you should be used to that by now…” well, fuck you. I hope Tim is worth losing the one person who gave a flying fuck about you. You have told me many times that I shouldnt make you choose, because youll choose tim.. even said so tonight.. well you’re right. Im not making you choose. For the first time in my entire life I’M GOING TO CHOOSE. and I choose life. I choose a future. I choose my best friend Hannah, the rest of the cheese, mads, ali, fallon. I choose all my friends I’ve made through Cinepolis and Spencers. I choose happiness. And I choose to finally rid myself of my demons haunting me from the past, all of those negative influences in my life. Well my mom said it right, that you are going no where. Now you’re surrounded by Brett, Marcos, Alex, Tim, Dylan, and all those fuckups. So here’s to the high school drop outs, the convicted felons, the ones that live at home with their mommys, the ones that work at Mcdonalds, Islands, and Rocket Fizz, the stoners, the cheerleaders in highschool. Here’s to the fucking fuckups. The losers. Here’s to you, I am happy you found where you belong. This may not be a goodbye, this may be a see you later. But you deserve to know that you’ve turned out to be one walking shallow, heartless wannabe nobody. When I may first have met you, you may have been able to afford losing a few pounds, needed a lesson in hygeine and you may have thought you were a nobody. But to me, you were a somebody. A special somebody. Someone I called a best friend.

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