Michael White
  1. Mister, mister, will you please? will you take a stroll with me.
  2. Inside this bone-chilling, sinister, fragile mind, consistent inclinations of a familiar kind
  3. Cold and starless as it seems, misplaced thoughts and shattered dreams
  4. Have you encountered such a dreary, soulless place? happiness and healthiness vanishes without a trace
  5. After dusk creates dark the creatures consume, blurry vision, sour taste, and musky perfume
  6. Ever thought you would visualize quite a disturbing scene? haunting, lurking desires always waiting for their time to fiend
  7. Lost, abandoned, will you please? will you take a stroll with me.

  1. Whistle loudly so I can hear, hear my wildest dreams come near
  2. Hold my hand and don’t release, blissfully conscious yet completely at peace
  3. In your grasp my nightmares subside, now effortlessly i will be your bride
  4. Taunting bliss grow roots and stay, throw caution and fears to the wind and bay
  5. Everlasting, everlong, eternal, endless, infinite.
Self harming is something that most people who do it can’t put into words. They can’t describe why they do it. Is not that simple. If you have never done it, you are never gonna understand it. Is like trying to describe the colors to the blind. You can’t tell them to stop, because I swear they won’t. You just have to be there for them and wait for them to take the phone and call you before they take the blade.
Anonymous ❤️ (via youarestronglove)
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